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Surgical Facility FAQ

Written by Dr. Halaas

Your website talks about your “accredited operating room.” what is the advantage over having my surgery in a hospital?

In an ambulatory surgery center, all our attention is focused on you. When you schedule cosmetic surgery in the hospital, there is always the possibility that an emergency will require the use of the operating room. You could wait for hours for your “scheduled” surgery.

Also, you run an increased risk of infection in the hospital: people are going there because they are ill or in emergency situations. With all the news reports about infections that start in the hospital setting, it just makes sense to reduce your exposure.

And there is the cost factor: hospitals have higher overhead expenses. At an ambulatory surgery center, you’re not paying a proportional share for other departments.

I’m a woman in my 50s who is considering surgery to augment my chin. but i worry that the result won’t be what i’m looking for. how can i be sure that i achieve the results i want?

You don’t have to rely on guesswork: Dr. Halaas employs the most advanced digital technology for photographic analysis. She will take an image of your face and then apply the changes she plans for your surgery to create your post-operative image. You’ll be able to see not only how you will appear when people look at you face-to-face, but also how you will appear in profile.

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