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Written by Dr. Halaas

Stem cells are proven to be more effective at regenerating hair than traditional methods, making this hair loss treatment a superior option for individuals seeking a thicker head of hair without surgery. After just 15 minutes of stem cell injections you can be on your way to a fuller head of hair. Dr. Halaas uses umbilical cord stem cells to stimulate follicular hair growth, reversing hair loss. These natural growth factors offer better results than any other regenerative treatment currently available for hair loss.

Yael Halaas, MD is a double board certified surgeon in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Otolaryngology (ear, nose, and throat specialty) in New York. She has a special focus in the evaluation and treatment of hair loss in men and women and is recognized by the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery for her expertise and initiative in hair restoration treatments. Dr. Halaas is a leader in the field due to her success with follicular unit extraction (FUE) transplants and is commonly featured in national media discussing hair treatments.

New York’s Most Experienced Stem Cell Hair Regrowth Specialist

Dr. Halaas’s medical and artistic background makes her one of the best trained hair transplant surgeons in the United States. Her latest technique employs the extraction of stem cells to prompt and maintain new hair growth. By extracting multipotent cells from the Wharton’s jelly tissue layer of the umbilical cord, Dr. Halaas is able to deliver HA, growth factors, cytokines and anti-inflammatory properties directly into hair follicles. This combination of nutrients is the enriched, youthful elixir your scalp needs to stimulate cells, rejuvenate follicles and grow a fuller head of hair.

Stem Cell Hair Regeneration Technology: It’s Not All Equal

When it comes to your appearance, it is important to invest in the best treatments. While some offices feature variations of stem cell hair regeneration, Dr. Halaas provides the most advanced formula on the market. Traditional methods such as adipose or bone marrow extraction are invasive and dependent upon your cell age. Dr. Halaas does offer adipose extraction for patients who prefer autografts, harvesting from their own tissue. This technique does yield excellent results. However, our cord stem cell hair regeneration technique derives cells from the most nutrient-rich area of the body to harvest essential hair growth factors such as Mesenchymal Stromal Cells (MSC), and HA. These super nutrients possess the regenerative qualities required to offer you natural looking results.

Stem Cell Hair Restoration in NYC

Dr. Halaas works with adult stem cells (harvested from the patient), and purified stem cells harvested from umbilical cords, the latter eliminating any chance of downtime and offering exceptional results. Since our cells age with us, adult stem cells don’t offer the same youthful hair stimulation effects a younger source would. Umbilical cord cells are brand new and full of nutrients. Treating the areas you are most concerned with, stem cells are injected into the scalp to promote new hair growth. Dr. Halaas is one of the only NYC providers of stem cell therapy for hair loss and thinning hair. Both stem cell treatments can be combined with PRP.

Why Choose Dr. Halaas For Stem Cell Hair Treatment?

Dr. Halaas has the skill, expertise and artistry required to offer patients an array of the latest and greatest when it comes to hair regrowth and hair surgery. As a facial plastic surgeon, she achieves natural looking results that are the combination of a great technique and an eye for aesthetics. Contact Dr. Halaas today to find out if you are a candidate for stem cell hair restoration.

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