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120 E. 56th St, 8th Floor, New York, NY 10022

Permanent, Natural Looking
Undetectable Hair Restoration Procedure

SmartGraft in NYC

SmartGraft machine

We are pleased to offer SmartGraft in our New York City office. With 17 years of hair restoration experience Dr. Halaas and her team are now using the most advanced hair restoration technology for both men and women.

With so much experience in her field especially in hair restoration, Dr. Yael Halaas has taken to hair restoration as an art form. Always striving to produce the most perfect results possible and preserving the natural beauty her patients’ possess. The micro grafting technology available with Smart Graft allows her and the technician to place hair follicles precisely in order to perfect the art to each patient’s needs. An inexperienced doctor or technician can leave patients with unsatisfactory results.

Dr. Halaas has been working with the same hair restoration technician for 16 years. This partnership has satisfied countless patients because of their rapport and understanding on what’s best for the patient.

Benefits of SmartGraft

Smart Graft is different from other hair restoration methods because it uses micro grafting technology, which means follicles are harvested one at a time. Smart Graft is also one of the fastest harvesting machines, it is 30% faster compared to others. This means that they are placed in the balding areas individually to replicate the natural contour of the hairline with less time between harvesting and placement, ensuring new successful growth. Unlike other hair restoration procedures large parts of the head does not need to be shaved and if the hair is long enough patients can wear any hairstyle they like after the procedure and there is no scarring left behind.

Before and After photos - SmartGraft - female patient, frontal view

Treatment and Result Overview

The procedure is minimally invasive and relatively pain free; only the area being harvested and replenished is treated with local anesthetic making the procedure painless and comfortable. Hair is typically harvested from the back of the head but can also be harvested from other parts of the body like the back and the chest. The entire procedure lasts 5-6 hours.

Patients can expect to see results in about 3 months and noticeable improvement in 6 months and a full head of youthful hair growth in 12 to 14 months. The healing process is quick and patients can return to work the next day with few restrictions on activity.

Smart Graft Compared to Other Hair Restoration Technologies

Smart GraftNeograft
Time of Procedure5-6 hoursUp to 8 hours
Men and WomenYesYes
Experienced Hair Technicians trained by Dr. HalaasYesNo

Hair restoration is an art form, when it comes to framing your face with your own natural hair, you’ll want an experienced and artistic professional. Meet with Dr. Halaas and her team and discuss your hair restoration expectations at her Manhattan office.

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