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Sculptra FAQ

Can i get a permanent lip enhancement with sculptra?

It is not advised to use Sculptra for lips because the skin is too thin. Sculptra can create lumps when injected in places where the skin overlies the muscle directly. However, Sculptra is a great and long lasting treatment to plump cheeks, temples, and the lower face. I would suggest you use Juvederm Ultra to plump your lips. Restylane can also be used for your lips and also the area around the lips to reduce fine lines.

I believe that certain fillers are permanent, is sculptra one of them?

Sculptra is not permanent, but it does last longer than other injectables. Please keep in mind that Sculptra takes about three to four separate treatments to reach full treatment potential. At that point, duration of the results depends on the individual patient. Sculptra will slowly dissolve and your natural collagen will fill in its place. Sculptra generally lasts about two years but the stimulated collagen can last much longer. In addition to your body building collagen, you should also maintain a healthy lifestyle to foster the results.

Is there a way to ensure no bumps will form from my under eye sculptra injections yesterday? Is there a way to get rid of them if they do form?

It is most important to make sure your doctor has been trained to perform Sculptra. Sculptra is placed well below the surface of the skin by experienced injectors. When it is placed deeply, it is rare to have a visible nodule. Also, if it has not been properly diluted or is injected into areas not meant for Sculptra you could also see bumps. After you are injected by an experienced professional, you will be informed to massage for five minutes, five times a day for five days to help prevent these bumps.

I’ve had two facelifts and i’m now 70 years old. My skin is very thin and my cheeks are sunken and look damaged. Can sculptra help me?

Sculptra works great for sunken cheeks. I recently had a patient similar to you who had fabulous results with Sculptra with the first use. Sculptra is more costly than other injectables and needs three appointments to be completed. However, it lasts much longer than similar injectables. The price would depend on how many syringes would need to be used for your particular case.

Is sculptra a good treatment to fill under the eye hollows?

I do not recommend Sculptra for use of under the eye hollows. After injection it can leave lumps where thin skin directly overlies muscle. However Sculptra is still a wonderful and long lasting treatment to plump cheeks, temples and the lower face. When Sculptra is placed in the cheeks it removes the hollow and fills the cheeks. An experienced facial plastic surgeon or dermatologist should only administer Sculptra injections. I would advise the use of Restylane because it is more appropriate for delicate skin areas and it will not give you lumps that are expected from Sculptra.

Written by Dr. Halaas

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