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The Salt Facial

Written by Dr. Halaas

Dr. Halaas and her Skin Spa team of experts are proud to be the first in NY to offer patients the very latest in dermal exfoliation technology with the Salt Facial, a groundbreaking new treatment. The Salt Facial is able to deeply exfoliate the skin while absorbing excess moisture, allowing us to take a more aggressive approach towards skin cleansing, while avoiding harming capillaries and irritating hyper pigmentation. While traditional vacuum and suction based microdermabrasion techniques can be effective, they often harm the skin.

The Salt Facial

How it Works

Dr. Halaas has dedicated her life to providing the best possible skin care solutions to her patients, and the three-step Salt Facial is no exception. The first step utilizes antibacterial, antimicrobial sea salt to safely and effectively exfoliate the skin. The SaltFacial was meticulously crafted a patented angle that to get underneath the stratum corneum (coarse outer layer of skin). Instead of the traditional suction methods that pull at the skin, the Salt Facial applies positive pressure, pushing the salt across the skin to achieve the best results possible without harming the skin.

Aesthetic Cavitation Ultrasound

Next, our experienced facialist performs an Aesthetic Cavitation with a state-of-the-art Ultrasound device. This painless procedure creates just enough space between skin cells to allow for topical treatments to take hold deep inside the dermis. We use a 3-megahertz class II device that is currently the best ultrasound technology on the market for permeability of topical ointments and other auxiliary treatments. Our DermMasque and numbing creams cut the procedure time from over 45 minutes to roughly 10 minutes, getting our patients back to their daily activities as quickly as possible.


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Salt Facial - Before Treatment Photo - female patient 1 (right side view)


Salt Facial - After Treatment Photo - female patient 1 (right side view)



The third and final step of our facial cleansing and exfoliation procedure is LED skin therapy. Board certified facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Halaas, uses only the highest quality, NASA grade LEDs on her patients. Different colored LEDs provide different treatments, creating a customizable option for any particular skin type. While the red colored light therapy is great for skin rejuvenation, stimulating the growth of healthy skin tissue by increasing blood circulation, the blue colored LEDs are most effective in healing acne scarring and other skin problems. Amber colored light is typically used to reduce post op swelling, and Near InfraRed stimulates new collagen growth, which tightens and rejuvenates the skin all at once.

Salt Facial Treatment in New York

The Science & Beauty Skin Spa was founded by Dr. Halaas to provide her patients with outstanding level of care and cutting-edge non-surgical cosmetic treatments. All treatment protocols were developed by facial plastic surgeon Dr. Halaas. Her team was featured in the media and is often asked by device manufacturers to train other physicians due to their level of expertise. We now offer treatment packages that will help you look your best at reduced treatment price. Start your journey to healthier looking skin by contacting us or schedule a comprehensive skin consultation to find out if Salt Facial or another treatment best match your skin type and condition.

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