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Restylane FAQ

I’d like to have restylane injected into my under eye hollows but i’m afraid and worries about retinal occlusion, blindness, and long-term effects. i’d like your opinion about this procedure for under the eyes.

There will always be associated risks with any treatment but if you have a qualified doctor who is highly versed in facial anatomy and the eyes, then your risk of damage decreases. It is important to choose carefully when selecting a doctor to administer your injections.

Is it safe to buy restylane injections online and then inject myself with instructed safety precautions?

No. This is not a good idea at all. The risks are too severe. Facial anatomy is complex and there is a lot to know before you inject something into your skin. You also run the risk of buying counterfeit or contaminated products when you buy online. These products should only be bought directly from a licensed U.S. distributor and administer by an experienced professional.

I had my left nasolabial fold injected with restylane about three weeks ago and immediately i was impressed by the results. after two weeks of treatment my wrinkle came back completely. was i injected improperly or did my body reject the treatment?

When you are first injected, your body swells at the injection site adding to the visible results. The results appear less full when the initial swelling subsides. I advise that you return to your doctor and ask him/her what went wrong. Also, it is important to make sure that you select an experienced and board certified Facial Plastic Surgeon or Dermatologist.

I’m planning on having another baby soon but i’m unhappy with the wrinkles around my eyes. i’m considering a facial injection, like restylane to treat these lines. should i wait until after birth to erase my wrinkles?

It sounds to me like you are still considering pregnancy but are not pregnant yet. If this is correct then it is perfectly safe to get injections now. Once you are pregnant you won’t be able to keep up the treatment, as it needs to be redone every six months. Here is my advice: enjoy it’s benefits while you can before you get pregnant and then restart treatments after you have a baby.

I’m 59 and i have a wedding in three weeks that i’d like to get restylane treatments for. is it too close to the wedding event? does it take time for positive effects to show?

It’s still not too late but you should hurry. Bruising generally goes away after the first week and you’ll see great results. By the third week you’ll look amazing and ready for the party.

What is the difference between perlane and restylane?

Both Perlane and Restylane are manufactured by the same company and contain the same material. The difference is in the size of the particles. Restylane has smaller particles and so it can be used to fill finer lines. Perlane particles are larger and work well to fill deeper areas with a larger volume. The length of the results is also different. Perlane lasts longer with results lasting a minimum of six months whereas Restylane only lasts for a maximum of six months. The price of Perlane is also more costly than that of Restylane.

Written by Dr. Halaas

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