• Directional in nature, Allergan has collected Patient Surveys for over 10 years
  • Compared to national database of over 15,000 patients
  • A series of 15 questions evaluate everything from initial patient contact by phone and with office personnel, to MA involvement, MD consultation, follow-up, interaction with billing, and general perception
  • Patients respond anonymously, scoring providers on a scale of 1 to 5
  • Patients have the option to leave comments

Summary of Findings

2013 Key Highlights – Procedure & Consultation Survey

  • When you called for an appointment were you satisfied with the response from the person who answered the phone? 4.79/5.00, +0.74
  • When discussing fees for the visit, or the procedure, did you find our staff to be: Friendly and courteous: 4.73/5.00, +0.71
  • 97.5% +2.6 over the national average of patients would recommend the practice to their friends
  • Your satisfaction with the amount of time the doctor spent with you answering questions, explaining the procedure and treatment options. 5.00/5.00, +0.54
  • If you had a procedure, were you satisfied with the results? 4.65/4.02, +0.71

We Scored ABOVE The National Average!

Procedure Survey Results

Question Our Result Nat. Results
When you called for an appointment, were you satisfied with the response from the person who answered the telephone? 4.79 4.05
Did the doctor spend an appropriate amount of time with you, answer your questions, and explain medical procedures and treatments to your satisfaction 4.81 4.28
How satisfied were you with the doctor’s diagnosis and treatment recommendations? 4.76 4.22
If a procedure was recommended, did the doctor discuss with you in detail, information regarding the need for the recommended procedure(s) to your situation? 4.77 4.22
If you had a procedure, were you satisfied with the results? 4.65 4.02
When discussing fees for your visit or procedure, did your find our staff to be:[br]Friendly and Courteous?[br]Helpful? 4.73[br]4.69 4.02[br]4.05
Would you recommend our practice to your friends?[br]Percent of “Yes” Responses[br]Percent of “No” Responses[br]Percent of “Maybe” Responses 97.5%[br]0.0%[br]2.5% 94.9%[br]2.8%[br]2.4%

Patient Comments

“All the people in the office are very professional. They make you feel welcomed with a warm reception always.”

“Dr. Halaas went beyond my expectations. She is concerned about her patients, and makes them feel very comfortable.”

“Dr. Halaas is an excellent plastic surgeon. She takes time with her patients and tried to satisfy them in every way.”

“I just can’t say anything negative. EVERYONE works as a team! They all go above and beyond the call of duty!”

“Dr. Halaas and the employees are exceptional. I highly recommend Dr. Halaas.”

“Dr. Halaas is amazing. She changed my life for the better. She is very professional, friendly, and superb doctor. Made me feel very comfortable before, during, and after my procedure. Amazing staff as well! I would strongly recommend Dr. Halaas.”

Written by Dr. Halaas

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