A Non-Invasive Undereye

Bag Treatment

Neotensil – A Non-Invasive Undereye Bag Treatment

Neotensil is one of the most innovative undereye treatments available on the market today. Dr. Yael Halaas recommends the cream formula to patients who are seeking the most non-invasive means to fill in undereye bags. Neotensil targets such bags that have either resulted from genetics, aging, or the body’s natural loss of collagen, replenishing the skin’s elasticity and taking years off the patient’s face. Neotensil is so innovative because it targets a problem area that is typically only resolved by lower eyelid surgery. While concealers and fillers can cover dark undereye circles or fill in undereye hollows, they cannot reduce the appearance of fatty tissue under the eyes and saggy eyebags.

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Dr Halaas is featured on Telemundo discussing the benefits of under eye surgery

How Neotensil Works to Reduce Puffiness Under the Eyes

Neotensil essentially works to smoothen the creases and bulges under your eyes that make you look tired and worn out. It is a two-step treatment made up of the Reshaping Base and Activating Layer. First, the Reshaping Base is applied directly onto the treatment site using the Neotensil applicator. The product is spread evenly over the surface of the skin in precise motions. Once dry, the Activating Layer is then applied over the Reshaping Base Layer. This second layer cross-links with the base layer to activate the Neotensil film that compresses and conceals the unsightly bags under your eyes in the most natural yet effective way possible. You will see immediate results, but no one will be able to tell that you have used any products on the area. The invisible Neotensil film will never look cakey and it will last all day until you decide to remove it.

For a thorough explanation about how to properly apply and remove Neotensil for the best results, watch the videos here. Dr. Halaas will also give you tips and pointers about how to use Neotensil during your in-person consultation at her Manhattan office.

Immediate Results With Neotensil

The film that is left behind by the second layer of the undereye cream is the magic behind Neotensil. Results are temporary and “wipe off” once the Neotensil formula is removed. The best results are seen in patients with a relatively mild to moderate condition, generally patients aged 30-60 years old. Finally, because the residual film is invisible when it’s dried, Neotensil works with all skin tones and skin types.

Your Neotensil Consultation With Dr. Halaas in NYC

Neotensil is a non-surgical, non-invasive solution that actually works. Neotensil produces visible results but it is not a permanent solution for puffy undereye bags. Once you wipe off the Neotensil film, your undereye bags will once again become exposed. It is an ideal treatment for patients who do not want to or are not healthy enough to undergo lower eyelid surgery. If you are looking for a more permanent solution, consider consulting Dr. Halaas about a blepharoplasty, or lower eyelid lift instead.

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