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NeoGraft in NYC

We are pleased to offer NeoGraft in our New York City office. With over 17 years of hair restoration experience Dr. Halaas and her team are now using the most advanced hair restoration technology for both men and women.

With so much experience in her field especially in hair restoration, Dr. Yael Halaas has taken to hair restoration as an art form. Always striving to produce the most perfect results possible and preserving the natural beauty her patients’ possess. The non invasive, micro grafting technology available with NeoGraft allows her and her perfectly trained team of technicians to place hair follicles precisely in order to perfect the art to each patient’s needs. An inexperienced doctor or technician can leave patients with unsatisfactory results.

Dr. Halaas personally creates each hairline and incision for every patient. She uses her board certified facial plastic surgery skill for every patient to make sure that each detail is as perfect as it can be. Her team is excellently trained and equally experienced . For example, Dr. Halaas has been working with the same team of hair restoration technicians for over 16 years. This partnership has satisfied countless patients because of their rapport and understanding on what’s best for the patient.

Benefits of NeoGraft

NeoGraft is different from other hair restoration methods because it is the first and only Class One FDA Listed automated medical device for hair restoration. Hair follicles are harvested as micrografts one at a time using Follicular Unit Extraction technique respecting both the follicular unit of the natural hair follicle and minimizing scarring. Using just the natural follicular unit as micrograft transplants allows for your result to look natural and exactly the same as natural hairs. Plus, instead of having a fine linear scar as a result of traditional hair transplant surgeries, FUE with Neograft reduces the likelihood that any visible scarring would be noticeable at all even with the hair cut extremely short. Neograft has the additional advantage over other FUE technologies by allowing for a faster extraction rate of the individual hair follicles without damaging or compromising the growth rate of the follicles and allowing for equal if not greater success. Dr. Halaas and her team have had experience with FUE since it’s beginnings and has used many different types of extractors including Cole, Harris and SmartGraft. Indeed, she customizes what is the best tool and plan for each patient. Allow her to bring her artistry, knowledge and experience to bring the Neograft technology to give you the best most natural result.

  1. Patients feel little to no discomfort
  2. No staples or stitches
  3. No linear scar, so hair can be worn short after the procedure
  4. No numbness where the hair follicles have been harvested
Before and After photos - NeoGraft- female patient, frontal view

Treatment and Result Overview

The procedure is the least invasive of all hair transplant procedures and relatively pain-free; only the area being harvested and replenished is treated with local anesthetic making the procedure painless and comfortable. Hair is typically harvested from the back of the head but can also be harvested from other parts of the body like the back and the chest. The entire procedure lasts 3-8 hours, depending on the amount of follicles being harvested.

Patients can expect to see results in about 3 months and noticeable improvement in 6 months and a full head of youthful hair growth in 12 to 14 months. The healing process is quick and patients can return to work the next day with few restrictions on activity.

NeoGraft in New York

Hair restoration is an art form, when it comes to framing your face with your own natural hair, you’ll want an experienced and artistic professional. Meet with Dr. Halaas and her team and discuss your hair restoration expectations at her Manhattan office.

Written by Dr. Halaas

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