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Neo Laser

Neo Laser by Aerolase

Dr. Halaas is a specialized facial and reconstructive plastic surgeon based in New York City who uses Neo, the latest laser from Aerolase and its unique 650 Microsecond Technology to treat various skin conditions. Neo Laser is designed to treat skin rejuvenation and melasma (dark patches on skin). Dr. Halaas also uses the Neo Laser address signs of aging, as well as reduce the effects of acne and psoriasis. The energy generated from the Neo Laser will penetrate deep into the skin to the affected areas. These areas will be heated by the pulses from the laser and cleared of blemishes.


The benefits of utilizing Aerolase’s Neo technology are numerous. This procedure is non-invasive and painless. In a quick visit to Dr. Halaas’s NYC office, even during your lunch break, you can be treated with Neo. The Neo Laser can be used to treat multiple skin conditions – it is useful for removing affected skin tissue, but it can also smooth out the texture and tone of your skin.


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Areas Targeted

Typically, Aeolase’s Neo Laser procedure will be performed on areas of the face. The treatment targets wrinkles, dark patches and acne, all of which are commonly found on the facial region. However, the technology is not limited to that area. Other parts of the body may also become affected by these conditions, including spider veins and visible blood vessels. The Neo Laser can treat any part of the body, however, certain precautions will arise if there is a history of existing scar tissue in the affected area.

Ideal Candidates

Almost anyone can be considered a candidate for an Aerolase procedure. A patient’s age or skin type does not necessarily matter, though in your consultation Dr. Halaas will determine if you will benefit more from a treatment with other lasers and devices she is experienced with.

Procedure Length

On average, Aeolase’s laser procedures do not take long to perform. The length of time will depend entirely on the condition being treated, and the amount of skin affected. The range of time it will take is typically 10 to 60 minutes. Before performing the procedure, Dr. Halaas ensures that she has a thorough understanding of the patient’s goals, which allows her to estimate the amount of time the procedure will take.

Why Dr. Halaas?

Dr. Yael Halaas is a female facial plastic surgeon based in Manhattan. She specializes in both plastic surgery and non-surgical procedures. Furthermore, her background in art history allows her to work with a patient to find a natural symmetry for their face. Dr. Halaas is also a top medical graduate from Cornell University Medical College. She works in the NYC area treating patients with a wide variety of skin conditions.

Dr. Halaas’ New York office provides treatment alternatives for both local and out of town patients. She will work with you one-on-one to help you achieve the results you have been dreaming of! Contact our NYC office today to set up an appointment.

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