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Laser Hair Removal FAQ

How does it work?

The laser, which is an intense single wavelength of light, passes through your skin surface without creating harm, and finds its target. Its target is the color or pigment in your hair root.

Are the hairs permanently gone?

You will have a permanent hair reduction not removal. Some patients with hormonal imbalances can see a regrowth of hairs in a region especially if they are not controlled on their medications.

Can people of all skin types be treated?

Yes, the technology exists so that the laser can transmit its energy to the hair follicle and not the skin. Patients with darker skin types should have a test spot to determine the safest energy level for them.

Do i need to grow my hairs for the treatment?

No. The laser is designed to pass through the skin surface and treat the hair root under the skin. It is much less effective if the hair is long and above the skin. Please shave before your appointment. Do not pluck, tweeze or use a depilatory cream however for three weeks prior to your laser appointment because you will remove the hair root which the laser needs to treat you effectively.

I am considering laser hair removal, and i want to know the best laser to use for light brown skin. please advise. thank you.

Excellent question! The answer is clear that laser is more effective than IPL for permanent hair reduction.

In particular, the Cynosure Elite laser which has both Alexandrite and NdYag wavelengths. These wavelengths are specific for the melanin in dark hair follicles & will have less chance of unnecessarily having an effect on the surrounding skin.

For light brown skin such as yours, the NdYag is the best choice. A big word of caution however, go to an experienced physician for your treatments! Especially here in NY, a lot of these laser centers do not even have a physician overseeing the treatments.

Darker skin is at greater risk for absorbing the laser or IPL energy & therefore get burnt or darken. You want to be treated by a caring physcian only. For instance, in my office, I personally treat all the patients. The treatments are comfortable, painless and very effective.

Many physician offices offer prices comparable to these laser centers so do not be lured by low prices. Your safety is the most important. Laser hair removal is absolutely great & with the right machine & right physician, you will do great!

Written by Dr. Halaas

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