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Hair Cloning Procedure


Research Promises Bold New Approach to Hair Restoration

Hair Cloning in New York by Dr. Halaas

What is hair cloning?

Right now, hair cloning is in its experimental stages, with scientists in the UK and the USA collaborating on developing a way to clone human dermal papillae cells containing the blueprint for growing new hair. Previous attempts at cloning have failed, but the new researchers simply turned the petri dishes upside down, a simple act that encouraged the cells to clump together as they do in nature. And it worked. The cells were then injected into human skin grafted onto the backs of mice, and successfully produced human hair. Human trials will begin soon, but any treatment for balding based on cloned hair cells is still several years away.

What are the benefits of hair cloning?

  • Instead of removing strips of donor hairs from the scalp, hair cloning creates new hair
  • The hair cells are injected into the scalp, not surgically implanted
  • Expected to be less costly than traditional hair transplantation

Types of hair cloning procedures:

At this point in the research and development process, there is a single approach: remove a strip of scalp containing healthy hair, and extract the cells that are responsible for hair growth. Clone those cells in vitro, and then inject them into the patient’s scalp.

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Who is a candidate for hair cloning?

While the procedure is still several years from being declared safe and effective for human hair restoration, men who are developing male pattern baldness and women who are experiencing thinning hair will be able to benefit. It is also speculated that burn patients who need skin grafts will benefit, because the hair cells will help the skin function more naturally.

Related procedures

Hair cloning recovery

Unknown at this point, as human trials are still ahead. The only surgical aspect is the harvesting of a strip of donor hairs to gain access to the cells containing the blueprint for hair growth. Actual placement of the cells is by multiple injections into the scalp.

Hair cloning results

Again, unknown because human trials still need to be done.

Hair cloning FAQ’s

What is hair cloning?
A potentially revolutionary approach to reversing the effects of male pattern baldness and women’s thinning hair. It involves removing cells from healthy hairs that contain the “instruction manual” for hair growth, and duplicating the cells many times over. Then, the cells are injected into the patient’s scalp, where they are expected to grow new hair that looks and feels natural — because it is.

Does it hurt?
Because the procedure will involve the placement of many injections in the balding area, there will probably be some discomfort that can be alleviated by topical anesthetics before the injections, and oral pain medications following them.

What can I expect immediately after hair cloning?
As research results are released, we will be able to answer this question more thoroughly, but it is speculated that you may experience some redness and swelling from the numerous injections because of the body’s own protective reaction. When we know more, we will know how to treat such side effects. It will take some time for these injected cells to adapt and begin to produce new hair, so don’t expect an immediate change.

How long is the recovery period?
Since the only “insult” to the body is the placement of numerous injections, we don’t expect a prolonged recovery, but we are awaiting more definitive research results.

How long will my results last?
Researchers are hoping to “cure” common hair loss.


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