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Fat Transfer New York

As we age or lose weight our face loses elasticity increasing in laxity creating areas of droopiness, sagging, wrinkles or a hollowed appearance such as in the cheeks. With time, the face gradually loses fatty tissue also causing loss of volume adding to an overall appearance of less firm skin.

Fat transfer NY is a method used to treat these facial changes in both men and women achieving a more youthful, tightened and rejuvenated look that is natural in appearance. Fat transfer can also be used to correct facial deformities such as a cleft palate.

Fat Transfer before afterFat Transfer before after

*Results May Vary

When utilizing the fat transfer method to restore the effects of loss of facial elasticity and volume, fat is harvested through liposuction from you own body from regions such as the thighs, hips or tummy where there is excess fatty tissue. A very small cannula (thin tube) is inserted by means of tiny skin punctures and a small amount of this fatty tissue is removed. This harvested fatty tissue is then injected into the face restoring loss of volume and firming the facial areas affected by loss of elasticity.

The fat transfer in NYC technique is a safe, minimally invasive procedure conducted on an out-patient basis in Dr. Yael Halaas’ office. There is no residual scarring from the tiny pinhead size injection sites and there cannot be an allergic reaction as your own body cells are being used. In addition, stem cells are mixed in with the fat which have been thought to increase longevity of the fat, improve skin appearance and be helpful in slowing the aging process.

Fat Transfer before afterFat Transfer before after

*Results May Vary

When seen in consultation with Dr. Halaas she will provide a computerized image of the changes you would like to achieve enabling you to see the outcome beforehand to ensure you are happy with how the new you will look. She will then determine the area of the liposuction to harvest the necessary fat transfer cells. The procedure will be explained in detail and all your concerns and questions will be addressed.

A Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, Dr. Halaas’ overall experience enables her to re-contour, smooth and restore facial features in an esthetically as well as aesthetically pleasing manner.

Call Dr. Halaas’ modern, conveniently located office in New York City and allow her to turn back the clock for you!

Written by Dr. Halaas

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