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Will eyelid surgery change the shape of my eye?

Neither upper nor lower eyelid surgery should change the shape of your eyes. Upper eyelid surgery will remove the excess skin and fat that can cover your normal upper eyelid. After the surgery, your eyes will appear more refreshed similar to how they looked years ago. They will appear more open but will be the same shape as before. Often patients who lack an upper eyelid fold may request a change to their upper eyelid shape. You should discuss the shape of your eyes with your surgeon during your preoperative visit.

Lower eyelid surgery should not change the shape of your eyes either. Similar to upper eyelids, lower eyelids can make you look aged and tired because of extra fat and skin. Often lower eyelid surgery can be made through invisible incisions. Occasionally patients make a special request to have their eyes appear more almond shaped. This exception can be discussed during your consultation.

Written by Dr. Halaas

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