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As a 57 year old woman in Manhattan, I’m open to a face lift or facial plastic surgery but wanted more opinions on a variety of skin tightening options to tighten jowls and skin laxity in the face in general. What options do I have and what do you recommend?


Typically my consultation addresses the three components of aging. With every patient that comes into my practice, it is important to evaluate three most common components of aging: Skin, Volume loss and Gravitational changes. For mild sun spots and moderate wrinkle, a laser or chemical peel for skin resurfacing is a great option. As we age, we lose fat & volume from where we would like it & seem to collect where we don’t! Fuller cheeks are youthful and early jowls can be disguised with a small amount of filler. If gravity seems to be your issue you will likely need surgery to restore the face to its youthful position. When it comes to facelifts you have several options and the best option for you is determined by your expectations and physical characteristics. Have an open and honest conversation with your facial plastic surgeon and discuss your concerns as well as your expectations and you will find the best solution for you!

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