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I am a man in my late 40s and live in the Westchester County suburbs in New York City.  I have loss of hair density with overall thinning of my hair.  I want to not only stop my ongoing hair loss but restore it as well. What solutions are available to achieve this outcome? I don’t want to go bald!!


There are basically two approaches to hair loss restoration, the non-surgical method and the surgical method.

I frequently recommend, when appropriate, topical minoxidil like Formula 82M or Propecia non-surgical methods initially.  These products or hair re-growth stimulants can provide noticeable differences in hair density in a couple of weeks or months or even up to a year.  It is important to note, however, that these products must be used on a continual basis because once they are stopped your hair restoration will also stop.

The surgical hair restoration method or hair transplant is the other approach you have available.  With this, the hair follicles needed for transplant will most likely come from the back of your head.  This is referred to as the donor area.  Each hair follicle gathered will be carefully microscopically dissected and readied for placement on your scalp to restore the balding or thinning sections.  A hair transplant is the most efficient and permanent method of restoring hair loss.  It is, however, essential that you find a hair transplant surgeon who specializes in this process and is capable of giving you a natural appearing outcome.  Best of luck in your endeavors!


Written by Dr. Halaas

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