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I have genetic hollowness under my eyes that I am thinking of using dermal fillers to correct. How long do fillers last? How much filler should be injected and how should the procedure be done? Are there any symptoms or risks post-injection that I should look out for? What questions should I ask my surgeon before the procedure? Is there any other information I should know?


Injectable fillers are a good, safe option to fill under eye hollowness and Restylane is the safest choice, which lasts about 6 months. Many surgeons advise against the use of long-term fillers under the eye because the area is so delicate. You will be administered a topical anesthetic before the procedure, which is usually done in office. Then, depending on your needs and your doctor’s assessment, a small amount of filler will be used.  Post injection symptoms include bruising or swelling that may take a few days to subside.

You should consider taking arnica to help with the bruising and avoiding NSAIDS (like Advil), aspirin, or any other blood thinning medications. Ask how frequently your surgeon performs this procedure because the delicate under eye area requires gentleness and experience. If the Restylane is placed too superficially, it can sometimes give off a bluish hue from under the skin. Ask for the Restylane to be placed deeply to decrease the likelihood of this occurring. Restylane can also be dissolved quickly if you are unhappy with the filler.

Written by Dr. Halaas

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