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Combating Facial Hair In Women

Although some women may only experience light, thin hair, it is important to note that all women experience some form of unwanted facial hair. For those experiencing an unusually large amount, hirsutism, or the presence of a large amount of facial hair in women, may be the case.

The Science Behind Facial Hair in Women
There are numerous reasons why women experience unwanted facial hair. Here, we’ve listed five facts about the causes of facial hair that you should know prior to receiving any type of treatment.

  • Genetic or Racial
    Women from Indian sub-continent, Mediterranean countries tend to experience more facial hair than women from European, East-Asian, or Native American origin. In addition to your country of origin, your family history also plays a role in the presence of facial hair. If unwanted facial hair runs in your family, you are more likely to experience it as well.
  • Hormonal Imbalance
    Excess hormones can have a significant impact on the body. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome(PCOS), the most common cause of hormonal imbalance, can cause excess production of male hormones in women, resulting in hirsutism.
  • Medication
    There are some medications that have been shown to cause unwanted facial hair growth. The major names to keep an eye out for are Testosterone, Cyclosporine, Minoxidil, and any anabolic steroids.
  • Growth of Androgens
    Although androgens are typically known as male hormones, women also have a small amount of the hormones in their bodies. An overgrowth of these androgens, however, leads to overgrowth of facial hair.
  • Birth Control Pills
    Due to their tendency to have an effect on the androgen levels in the body, birth control pills can also cause unwanted facial hair.

Treatment Options
Shaving is a popular choice to get rid of unwanted body hair, however the face tends to be more sensitive. For large areas with thicker hair, shaving may be too uncomfortable. Waxing, like shaving, is great for the body but may be too harsh for the face. Laser hair removal therapy, in contrast to waxing and shaving, lasts longer and provides smoother skin after treatment. Dr. Halaas uses laser hair removal for many of her patients due to the beautiful results they give. One of Dr. Halaas’ most popular options, The Elite laser hair removal treatment, has been shown to provide greater than 90% hair reduction after being performed monthly, just 4-6 times.

Why Choose Dr. Halaas?
Dr. Yael Halaas uses only the most state of the art, innovative laser hair removal machines in the industry. A leading female plastic surgeon in the industry, Dr. Halaas has the experience and caring personality we all look for in a doctor. Contact us for a consultation to explore hair removal options today.

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