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Body Art / Tattoo Removal FAQ

Is there any scarring left from a laser tattoo removal?

The Con Bio C6 MedLite® C Series EO Q-switched Nd:YAG laser removes tattoos with only a small risk of scarring and less discomfort than with other tattoo removal lasers. It is a safe and effective way to remove your unwanted tattoo.

How often are treatments administered?

The length between treatments is specifically tailored to each patient, but generally treatments are spaced about four weeks apart.

How is a tattoo removed?

I use a Con Bio C6 MedLite® C Series EO Q-switched Nd:YAG laser to send varied wavelengths into the skin to be absorbed by the different ink colors. This forces energy into the molecules, which causes them to vibrate and shatter before they are slowly removed by the body’s natural filtering system.

How many sessions would it take to get my tattoo removed?

If it is a professional tattoo it may take at least ten and possibly more than 20 treatments to fully remove. An amateur tattoo would only require at least four sessions, possibly more. This is calculated based on the depth of the ink and the varying compositions of the tattoo.

How soon after being treated with the con bio c6 medlite® c series eo q-switched nd:yag laser will my tattoo disappear?

After treatments, the ink will begin to fade steadily over the next six to eight weeks and continue to fade until it is completely gone.

How long will my skin take to heal after getting laser tattoo removal?

Healing times vary from person to person, but most patients are fully healed within ten days.

Is tattoo removal painful?

A topical anesthetic will be applied so you have a pain free procedure. Treatments will be tailored to your specific needs and we will make sure you are as comfortable as possible.

Is there any chance that my tattoo cannot be removed completely?

There are a couple factors to take into consideration when removing a tattoo, how old the tattoo is, how the tattoo was made, the colors involved, the size, where it’s located, and also each patients ability to heal. When you take into consideration the extent of possible pigment colors, complete removal cannot always be guaranteed. However, treatments are customized to each patient depending on their needs, and complete removal is possible.

I’m worried that the tattoo removal laser may also remove my skin pigmentation. does this happen?

The laser is specifically designed to target only the ink of the tattoo and not damage the surrounding skin.

How safe is the con bio c6 medlite® c series eo q-switched nd:yag laser to remove dark colored inks on dark skin?

The long wavelength of the MedLite® laser is great at removing dark colored inks on dark skin. It also lowers risk of hyperpigmentation and the short pulse duration limits heat build-up, which in turn reduces the risk of scarring.

Written by Dr. Halaas

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